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Welcome to High Speed

Welcome to Virginia Air Networks!

We're proud to announce expanded coverage for our Line of Site (LOS) and VA Air Amped products (NLOS).

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January 2020

Sign up for new service in the month of January and enjoy one of the following promotions of your choice


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* valid until 01/31/2020 for new service activations only.

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* valid until 01/31/2020 for new service activations only.

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Getting the Ball Rolling!

Our office staff will assist in getting your set up for free site survey. Once our trained technicians perform your survey, we will reach out to give you your options help you decide which is the best plan to suit your needs!

Installation and Configuration
Time for the Heavy Lifting!

Our technicians will arrive and install and professionally install your equipment. Once your equipment has been installed, they will assist in getting your devices connected to your network so your can start to enjoy your new high speed experience!

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Let the fun begin!

Time to kick back and relax while streaming your favorite movie or show. The kids can start gaming away while you do, you now have the speed to handle that and then some!

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